Some eggs and apples

So starting with the first drawing I will post here I just wanted to start with something simple. My favorite method of drawing graphite. creating shadows and lines is like a bliss when putting your idea on paper. So I was all excited when we started to cover graphite drawing in my art class.

Just eggs

I decided to make something simple I didn’t know how to make shadows very well so I decided to draw a image of eggs that I found on the internet. I started laying down the lightest shadows on the middle egg. Then I started using the 2b, 4b, and 6b, to darken the lower parts. I used the pencils from the smallest number to the higher. While also using a kneaded eraser to create highlights and softening the shadows in specific places.

After I worked on the first one I focused my attention to the eggs on the side. Darkening the corners and creating a clear contrast between them and the middle eggs. I applied the same process to remaining eggs.

A badapple

This bad apple is made of pure graphite dust and a graphite pen. I don’t know where my professor got this but I got to use it. Pretty cool stuff nonetheless.

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